Noah Baumwoll

Artist Statement

Everything I create is it’s own life.  It is my intention as an artist to create something that exists on it’s own, has personality, and relates to the world.  Out of cold hard metal, I fabricate warm and friendly life forms that dance, play music, meditate, and do yoga.  Motion and implied movement are key elements in my work as well as vibrant color.

Much of my inspiration comes from my deep appreciation and interest in spiritual traditions around the world, and the cross cultural connections I find everywhere.  My art attempts to express the one consciousness that we are all a part of.


Growing up in New York City provided Noah with tremendous inspiration. Nowhere else is there such variety and diversity of people living together. Greenwich Village was a magnet for artists and he was immersed in its flood of creative culture from the beginning. The artistic streets of the neighborhood pulsed with rhythm, energy, and life. This movement and energy has remained a consistent theme in his work.

In addition to the strong influence of The City, Noah has been greatly inspired by the colors, culture, and music of the world, with a particular interest in India, Jamaica, and Jewish spirituality.  His work seeks to integrate these seemingly disparate traditions into a cohesive oneness. Trips to the Caribbean from an early age, as well as a love of reggae music fueled a lasting passion. Noah’s latest work has been inspired by a deep love of eastern spirituality  which has intensified in the last several years, influenced by life changing trips to India and involvement with kirtan (devotional call and response chanting).

Noah’s skills were expanded and enhanced by attendance at LaGuardia High School of Music and Art, Ossining High School, and The University Of Wisconsin-Madison, where he received a BFA in Sculpture.

He has worked in a number of different media including bronze, glass, neon and ceramics, with emphasis is in welded steel. He says, “There is something essentially primal and basic about working with fire and metal. It is the immediacy of welding that I most enjoy, as well as the rough and rugged nature of the material.”

Noah would like his art to be appreciated as a celebration of life, a fusion of all means of artistic expression, and a mirror of the divine spark that lives inside us all.

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