Chakra Yoga Asana Warrior Pose Vishuddha


11 inches in diameter, Steel, Solvent Dye

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Product Description

Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana I) Vishuddha Chakra sculpture part 5 of a 7 chakra series.

The chakras are spiraling wheel spiritual energy centers contained in 7 regions of our subtle body.  Each chakra has an associated color.  Blockages of these different areas are thought to be contributing factors to illness and disease.  The practice of yoga and meditation insure that we keep an open flowing channel of prana (life force) from our root to our crown.

Vishuddha represents the blue 5th chakra energy center located in the throat area and governs the neck, mouth, and tongue. When this chakra is unblocked words of kindness and compassion flow freely, and one is unafraid to speak their truth.  Warrior pose is is a grounding yoga asana pose that connects one to their highest Self.