Chakra Yoga Asana Ajna Tree Pose Vrksasana


11 inches in diameter, Steel, Solvent Dye

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Product Description

Tree Pose (Vrksasana) Ajna Chakra sculpture part 6 of a 7 chakra series.

The chakras are spiraling wheel spiritual energy centers contained in 7 regions of our subtle body.  Each chakra has an associated color.  Blockages of these different areas are thought to be contributing factors to illness and disease.  The practice of yoga and meditation insure that we keep an open flowing channel of prana (life force) from our root to our crown.

Ajna represents the indigo 6th chakra energy center located in the third eye center between the eyebrows.  Ajna translates from the Sanskrit as “beyond wisdom” and governs your inner knowing and powers of intuition.  Tree pose involves great one pointed focus and takes one out of their busy and distracting mind chatter.