Ganesha Head

Steel, Solvent Dye 42 inches x 30  inches, 2016

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Product Description

Lord of Obstacles, Ganesha removes them or puts them in our way to protect us from trouble.
He is always the first to be worshipped during any ritual and is the most approachable deity who sets the foundation for any undertaking.

The son of Shiva and Parvati, His big belly holds the cosmos and his trunk represents OM, the cosmic sound of creation. His elephant head represents superior intelligence as he clears the mind so pure consciousness can flourish.  It is said that Ganesha’s broken tusk was a result of his devotion and self sacrifice.  When the sage Vyasa was dictating the epic Hindu scripture The Mahabharata to the elephant headed god, his quill broke.  Ganesha broke off his tusk to use as a pen so that the recitation could continue uninterrupted.