Steel, Patina, Solvent Dye, 72″ x 41″  2016

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Product Description

Kali Ma is the great goddess who destroys evil and represents the darkness within the womb from which all creation is born.  Her deep blue color represents the sky and water.  Traditionally Kali is depicted after a blood thirsty rampage killing demons who represent illusion and ignorance keeping us from full realization of our divine nature.  She wears a skirt of arms skulls as a mala. One hand holds her sickle and the other holds a a freshly severed demon head.  One hand gestures in offering, while the other holds a bowl to collect blood from the decapitated head.  She is usually seen stepping on top of Lord Shiva’s prostrated body.  When Shiva saw that Kali could not stop her killing spree, he lay down in the field of slaughtered demons.  When Kali accidentally stepped on Shiva, her tongue stuck out in shame for having stepped on the Lord and she relaxed her killing spree.

This wall hanging welded steel sculpture measures 73 inches tall by 53 inches wide and 13 inches deep.  She has been painted with a chemical patina that reacts with a base coat of bronze creating the blue coloring.  She has also been painted with translucent solvent dye and metallic gold powder.