Navratri Goddess Series Night 2 Brahmacharini

12″ x 14″ Welded steel sculpture can sit or hang on the wall, painted with oil enamel, patina, and solvent dye.

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Product Description

Brahmacharini Ma, worshipped on the 2nd night of Navratri. This series of 9 sculptures was created in honor of the Hindu Holiday of Navratri, the night night celebration of 9 different incarnations of the goddess Durga.

Ma Brahmacharini represents complete self sacrifice and absorption in meditation to obtain self realization. It is said that she spent 100s of years eating very little or nothing at all in intense meditation to obtain Lord Shiva as her husband. Her penance was so pure and had so much power that it caused much disturbance in the 3 worlds. Brahmacharini holds japa mala beads for mantra repetition in one hand and the (kamandalu) water pot of a renunciate in the other. She also wears orange, the color worn by sadhus and monks.