Navratri Goddess Series Night 7 Kalaratri Ma

12″ x 14″ Welded steel sculpture can sit or hang on the wall, painted with oil enamel, patina, and solvent dye.

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Product Description

This series of 9 sculptures was created in honor of the Hindu Holiday of Navratri, the nine night celebration of 9 different incarnations of the goddess Durga.

Night 7 is devoted to this most fearsome incarnation Maa Kalaratri. She is the Goddess in her most violent and wild form. When you think of mother nature’s destructive tendencies think of Kalaratri. Despite her terrible aspects, her violence is destructive of stagnant and negative energies. Associated with the Crown Chakra and riding a donkey, Kalaratri gives her devotees power and makes them fearless.