Rishi IV

2 feet 4 inches tall x 1 foot 4 inches wide x 6 inches deep, Steel, Solvent Dye, Patina


Product Description

The Rishis were the original ancient original yogis of India.  They were the wise poets and prophets who wrote the holy Vedas of Hinduism and channeled the truth.  They are the yogis who meditated in caves and delved deep within to unlock the mysteries of the universe and consciousness.    The sacred Sanskirt language was developed from the mystical sounds that these ones heard when they went into advanced states of meditation.

Rishi IV, is part of series of 4 wall sculptures paying tribute to these fore bearers of yogic science.   This sculpture measures 28 inches tall by 16 inches wide by 6 inches deep.  It is made out of welded sheet steel that has been treated with a patina giving them a timeless ancient appearance.  These sculptures hang on the wall and appear to levitate.

This piece is no longer available but if you would like to commission a similar work please contact Noah