Hanuman, the monkey god, is the embodiment of bhakti, devotion, and true selfless love and service to Lord Rama (God). The son of the Wind, He personifies the perfect yogi
and exhibits complete mastery over all of the senses and ego. Hanuman is a mighty and fierce warrior who leads the charge against the deamons of ignorance and delusion.
Rama and Sita entrusted him with the secrets of the universe, and through worship of Hanuman, one draws closer to divinity and unlocks the hidden treasure within.

I created this Hanuman sculpture in 2012 and was the second in my series of Hindu God sculptures.  This piece was made from cutting and welding sheet metal steel that was treated with a patina, creating the brown rust coloring and green on his sash and the mountain he is carrying.  Hanuman is a fierce and loyal warrior and carries the gold mace that I colored with gold solvent dye, a translucent dye.   According to a story in the Ramayana, Ram’s brother Lakshman was mortally wounded in battle and it was only 3 magic herbs found on mount Dronagiri that could save him.  Hanuman flew to the Himalayas to find the herbs but couldn’t find them, so he picked up the entire mountain and flew to Lakshman’s rescue.