Krishna is the Supreme Being, the all attractive, all desirable incarnation of God. He is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu (God in the form of preserver) who appears on earth as a divine cattle herder and charioteer to maintain order and keep the positive forces of humanity victorious. Krishna is most associated with the practice of Bhakti and when we chant the different names of Krishna, we call Him into our hearts. We become the Gopis (milk maidens) who long to be united with Him. We become the flute that He animates with His breath.

Radha is the Goddess incarnate, the Supreme Mother of the Universe. Radha’s beauty and virtue is beyond compare and she is the most beloved of Krishna. Radha’s love for Krishna and Krishna’s love for Radha is the power that keeps the cosmos in existence and they are inseparable.

Krishna and Radha are the ultimate devotees of each other. Hare, is another name for Radha, so when we chant Hare Krishna, we say their names together. Radha’s name comes first, and being the mother, she is more approachable. It is only through Her that we may receive Krishna’s blessing.

I created these Radha and Krishna sculptures in 2012.  These pieces were made from cutting and welding sheet metal steel as well as pieces of pipe for the flute and bars for the lotus. The metal was then coated with copper and  treated with a patina, creating the blue and yellow oxidized coloring.  For the clothing and crowns, the metal was ground with an angle grinder and then painted with a translucent solvent dye, allowing the steel to shine through.